Password policy changes

category: Common News

The password policy for user accounts changes and the change will affect all user accounts.


The current password policy no longer meets the security requirements for today’s passwords and must therefore be changed to meet current requirements.

The change takes place in two stages over a relatively long period of time, so that the password extension takes effect for all accounts.

  1. From 01.06.2022 on, the minimum password length was changed from eight (8) characters to fifteen (15) characters and a more specific password policy has been implemented.
  2. From 09.01.2023 on, the password change is no longer required. Minimum password length will stay on minimum of fifteen (15) characters.

Please notice that you should still change your password immediately if there is any reason to believe someone else has gotten access to your password or account!

We’ve published a new password policy for the Jelppari website.