Instructions for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

How to start using Multi-factor Authentication - Student's Guide (PDF)

How to start using Multi-factor Authentication - Staff Guide (PDF)


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

EPEDU O365 says "More information required. Your organization needs more information to keep your account secure

You are required to setup multifactor authentication (MFA) to your user account for Microsoft 365 services. We recommend you to first add your phonenumber to authentication methods. After that setup the Microsoft Authenticator app to your mobile phone and change it to default authentication method for Microsoft 365 services.


What authentication methods can I use?

  • One-time code received via SMS
  • A call from an automated call service that is acknowledged by pressing the square (#) button during the call
  • Notification to Microsoft Authenticator (Accept / Reject)
  • Variable numeric code in Microsoft Authenticator
  • Apple Watch users can download the Microsoft Authenticator app to their watch, and if the default authentication is a notification to the Authenticator app, then a verification can be made directly from the watch screen.


I use two phones, Can I use both for authentication?

Yes you can. Multiple devices can be added for multi-stage authentication. You can add another phone number to the Alternate Phone Number field and / or download Microsoft Authenticator to another phone and use it to identify yourself.


I received an authentication request on my phone even though I am not logging in myself

anywhere. What do I do?

Do not accept login! If you are using a one-time code, do not enter the code or send the code anywhere. Your username and password may have fallen into the wrong hands and someone is trying to sign in with your credentials. Change your username password immediately and contact Jelppari.


Microsoft Authenticator does not give a notification about logging in

Most likely, the power management of your mobile phone will prevent the application from running in the background and you will first need to open the Authenticator application to accept the login. First, check in Microsoft Authenticator that Battery Optimization has been disabled by going to the application menu (three overlapping dots) and selecting Disable Battery Optimization. If this still did not help, examine your phone's power management settings and disable any power management features that may affect Microsoft Authenticator.


What should I do if I change my phone?

If you still have your previous phone available, go to Authenticate with your current phone and enable multi-step authentication on your new phone.

After changing the authentication to your new phone, make sure the service works on your new phone, for example, by logging in to the M365 service at using your computer's Internet browser for private browsing. In different browsers, private browsing has different names:

·       Google Chrome – New Incognito Window (Ctrl + shift + N)

·       Microsoft Edge – New Inprivate Window (Ctrl + shift + N)

·       Mozilla Firefox – New Private Window (Ctrl + shift + P)

·       Apple Safari - New Private Window (Shift + CMD + N)

If you now receive an authentication request on your new phone, you can remove your old phone from the authentication service.


What do I do if I break my phone?

If you have enabled Multi-Factor Authentication according to the recommended settings, you will also have SMS as an authentication method in addition to Microsoft Authenticator. In this case, if your phone breaks, you can move your SIM card from your broken phone to a new one and go to to change the Authenticator application for your new phone.

If your primary authentication method on your old phone was a message in the Authenticator application, in the Multi-Factor Authentication window, log in in a different way and select the text. In this case, you will receive a one-time verification code on your phone as a text message, which will allow you to remove the old Authenticator from the login methods. You can then add your new phone as the Authenticator login method.

However, if this is not possible, we recommend contacting Jelppari.