q. My password has expired and I'm not coming to school for a while. Can I change the password somewhere else?
a. Expired password can be changed here. Language can be changed from the bottom of the page. Please follow the instructions on the screen.
q. I got married and my last name has changed. How can I change it?
a. All the information and changes concerning personal information go through the student office. Contact them and they will update your information.
q. I noticed that there is epedu-roam wlan at my school. Can I access that?
a. You can connect to epedu-roam wlan by typing you username in following format: username@seamk.fi (for example k1234567@seamk.fi) and by typing your password.
q. I would like to use school email with my mobile phone. Is this possible?
a. The information how to connect your email to your mobile phone can be found here.
q. I get a lot of SPAM messages in my email. Is there any way to stop the SPAM?
a. Our organization e-mail filter recognizes most of the SPAM and marks it with *SPAM* in the title. You can create a rule to move these messages to a separate SPAM folder. The instructions how to create rules can be found here.
 q. How can I use Intra from my home computer?
 You can use intra from home by typing you username in following format: epedu\username (for example epedu\k1234567) and by typing your password.
q. Where do I find instructions for multifactor authentication (MFA)?
a. You can find instruction from the dedicated site: https://jelppari.epedu.fi/en/mfa