Frequently Asked Questions

I got married and my last name has changed. How can I change it to my user account?

All the information and changes concerning personal information go through the student affairs office at SeAMK and Customer Service Secretaries at Sedu. Contact them and they will update your information.

I noticed that there is epedu-roam wlan at my school. Can I access that?

You can connect to epedu-roam wlan by typing you username in following format: (for example and by typing your password.

I would like to use school email with my mobile phone. Is this possible?

The information how to connect your email to your mobile phone can be found here.

I get a lot of SPAM messages in my email. Is there any way to stop the SPAM?

Our organization e-mail filter recognizes most of the SPAM and marks it with *SPAM* in the title. You can create a rule to move these messages to a separate SPAM folder. The instructions how to create rules can be found here.