Wilma Schedule to Outlook calendar

  1. Login to Wilmaan (https://sedu.inschool.fi/)
  2. After logging in go to Schedule and click the link Order
  3. Copy the link with key combination CTRL-C or by clicking the link with your mouse right click and choose Copy
  4. Use your browser to go to your work email (https://outlook.office365.com)
  5. Open Calendar-page from the left sidebar
  6. In the calendar view click the link Add calendar and from the window that opens after clicking choose Order online
  7. Paste the link you copied at part 3. to the empty field with key combination CTRL-V or by clicking the field with your mouses right-click and choose Paste. Name the calendar as Wilma
    1. If you want, you can choose an icon and a color for this calendar to make sure you can recognize it easily from your calendar view
  8. At Add to Calendar Group part Choose Own Calendars if you want Wilma calendar to show parallel to your own events or Other calendars if you want it to be separate

Your work email now includes the Wilma calendar, which can be found under either My Calendars or Other Calendars, depending on the selection you made in step 8. Here you can enable or hide it by clicking on the calendar name in the list.

NOTE! Any changes to your work schedule will be reflected in Wilma immediately, but in Outlook calendars with a delay of up to two hours.