Adding an email account to your Android phone

We recommend using Outlook on Android phones. On business phones, Outlook should already be pre-installed.

1. Open Outlook on your phone. If you can’t find it, install the app from the Play Store.

2. Click Add Account.

3. Enter your email address.

4. In the Epedu O365 window, enter your password.

5. If you are offline outside of the school, you may need multi-step authentication.

6. Outlook should now open in the e-mail view.

7. Press the circle in the upper left corner, then the bottom gear, to open Outlook Settings.

8. Open your own account / email address right from the top.

9. Tap Sync Contacts.

10. Go back with the arrow and scroll down. Turn off the Important folder and the Sort by thread options.

11. Scroll a little lower and change the Week Start Date to Monday.

Outlook is now available. Email and calendar entries are now synced to your phone.