How to access the SeAMK Admission course

Please go through the instructions first! How to access the SeAMK Admission course.

  1. Click the access link in the email you have received.Screenshot of the invitation email with the link circled in red.
  2. Read the Privacy Policy and click Next
    SeAMK Moodle Privacy policy
    This privacy policy is made for SeAMK Moodle platform in general. Since the admission course takes place in Moodle, you need to agree to the privacy policy of SeAMK Moodle to enter the admission course.
  3. Click to select I Agree to the Tietosuojaseloste (Privacy Policy), and click the next button.
    Acknowledgment of SeAMK Privacy Policy
  4. If Moodle asks you to take a “Welcome to the course view!” -tour, you don’t have to take it and you can End tour.
    Welcome to the Course view! Click End tour to access Moodle
  5. Follow the instructions on the page “Admission course” to complete your admission course.
    Screenshot of the Moodle Admission course top bar
    IMPORTANT! All the instructions and links to each course parts are located on the page “Admission course” in Moodle! The links will be active only during the admission course.