Logging into SeAMK Moodle without a SeAMK account

Different login methods to Moodle

Welcome to SeAMK’s Moodle learning environment. If you belong to one of the following groups, always log in to SeAMK’s Moodle at moodle.seamk.fi with your own IDs.

  • Students, teachers, staff, everyone for whom SeAMK IDs have been created → Normal login: Login address: moodle.seamk.fi
  • Students, teachers and staff of other universities with HAKA login → HAKA login: Login address: moodle.seamk.fi

The following procedure according to the instructions is used only if the person does NOT have SeAMK IDs or the opportunity to log in to HAKA.

Moodle login without a Seamk account or Haka-login able account

You can choose to create completely new accounts, or you can use existing Google or Facebook accounts

Go to this site for SeAMK Moodle guest login address.

Option 1: Start by creating a new account
Option 2: Login using an another account (Google or Facebook)

Always log in with this guest login window if using any of those two options.

The language selection can be found at the top right of the login window.

Once logged in to Moodle

Once a Moodle ID has been created or Moodle has been logged in using another account, four large boxes will appear on the Moodle homepage.

When you click on the four boxes on the right, which read Visitor and Projects, you will end up in a category list where you can search for the Moodle template or course you want. You can also use the search box at the top right.

Logging in to the Moodle template or course is done either automatically by clicking on the title or after that by entering the course key and clicking on “Add me to the course area”.

In the future, the courses you have already joined will appear on the main page under “my courses”.