Sharing an internet connection from an iPhone to a computer (Hotspot)

Using hotspot

1. Open iPhone Settings.

2. Open My Hotspot.

3. Turn on “Allow others to join”.

4. Below the switch, you will see the password for your own hotspot network. This is a randomly generated password that can be freely changed for yourself, again avoiding special characters and umlauted characters. The password field MUST NOT be left blank.

Your hotspot network will now appear to other devices as a single wireless network that you can join.

The phone’s shared connection will then appear in the list of wireless networks on your computer. By clicking on this you can start pairing with the password found on your phone. Below is instructions on how to check the name of your hotspot network. The connection is established automatically after the first login when the connection is available.

Checking the hotspot name

1. Open iPhone Settings

2. Open General

3. Open About

4. Under Name, you will see the name of your hotspot network. This name appears on other devices as a wireless network. To change the name of your hotspot network, open the Name menu. Enter a new name in the field and press Done. Please avoid using umlauted characteres in both your password and your network name.