Sharing of Nokia phone's Internet connection to computer (Hotspot)

1. Open the settings.

2. Click Network and Internet.

3. Open the Hotspot and share the connection.

4. Select the Wi-Fi hotspot

5. Use the button at the top right to turn the connection on or off.

The Hotspot Name field tells you what name the phone shares the connection with. This can be changed freely, but umlauted characters and special characters should be avoided. After restarting the hotspot, the phone will display the connection with a new name.

A password is required (at least for the first time) to join the network. The password is displayed when you type it once. This is a randomly generated password that can be freely changed for yourself, again avoiding special characters and umlauted characters. The password field MUST NOT be left blank.

6. The phone’s shared connection will then appear in the list of wireless networks on your computer. By clicking on this you can start pairing with the password found on your phone. The connection is established automatically after the first login when the connection is available.

7. After the first hotspot activation, a new button called Hotspot appears in the Nokia shortcut menu. This allows you to quickly activate or deactivate connection sharing.

By default, it goes to the second page of the shortcut menu, but this can be moved by pressing the stylus icon in the lower right corner, and in the view that opens, the buttons are moved by pressing them with your finger to the bottom by moving them to the desired location.