Transferring images and video files from an iPhone to a computer

Use this guide to transfer photos and videos on iPhone to your computer using a data cable. Help also works for iPads.

1. Connect the device to the PC with the supplied data cable.

2. The message “Select a function for this device.” Will appear in the lower right corner of the computer screen. Click on the notification.

3. In the window that will open, click Import photos and videos.

4. The display shows that nothing to import was found on the device. Your phone will display “Allow this device to access your pictures and videos.” Allow this.

5. In the window that opens on your computer, click Retry.

6. Now the content is displayed on your computer, select the items you want to transfer and click Continue.

7. Select a save destination. By default, the images are exported to the Downloads folder. Click Import.

9. Finished – you can now go through Windows Explorer to verify that the images were moved to the desired folder. You can disconnect your phone from the computer.