EXAM – electronic exam service for higher education

The Electronic Examination Service, EXAM offers a possibility to take course exams as well as maturity tests in exam rooms which have video surveillance (audio and video recording). In SeAMK there are two EXAM-rooms; one in Kampustalo and another in Frami A. Students are advised to contact their teacher first before booking the EXAM. Both the teacher and the student should study the guidebook before making or taking the exam.
Starting from September 2020, SeAMK has joined the group of universities who offer EXAM visits to another university. Exam visit means that you can take your own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room. Read the instruction for EXAM visit in English carefully before enrolling for an EXAM.



Corona-virus instructions

There are strict hygiene rules to be taken into consideration in use of the exam rooms as well as the recommended safety distance. Face masks are delivered to the EXAM rooms, we recommend everybody to use them while taking an exam. Please remember also to take care of good hand hygiene. There are wipes in the exam room to clean the keyboard and the mouse and hand sanitizer for your hands. Don't come to take your exam if you are ill. Cancel or reschedule your booking. Only every second workstation will be available at a time in both exam rooms. Cleaning in the exam rooms will be intensified.

Electronic EXAM rooms are rooms A530.10 (SeAMK Frami A, fifth floor) and C0066 (SeAMK Kampustalo, 1st floor). Both exam rooms can be used by SeAMK students. EXAM visitors from other universities use only the Kampustalo exam room. Information concerning the location of the exam rooms can be found in the EXAM guide.

EXAM is open on Monday to Sunday from 8 am – 9 pm. Exam visitors need to acknowledge that they can only access the Kampustalo EXAM-room when the SeAMK library is open. Always check the library opening hours from the library page.
Notice! If you have certain medical issues and you need to take medicine etc. with you into the EXAM room, please contact the exam-team.

In order to take an EXAM you first need to register in EXAM and book an available computer in the exam room. The electronic EXAM differs from the general examination regarding the surveillance and its electronic form and properties, so please read the exam instructions carefully.


General guidelines for students


In this guide you will find information on the following:

-    how to book an exam
-    where the exam-rooms are located
-    how to behave in the exam-room


EXAM - Student guide (PDF)


EXAM visits

SeAMK students
There is a possibility for SeAMK students to take an EXAM-test in another university. Here you can find the universities that offer this possibility.

When you’re planning to take your exam in another university:

  1. Before booking a time for your exam in another university, please check that university's rules and regulations as well as opening hours and how to access the exam room.
  2. Sign in to SeAMK EXAM with your username and password. (Reservation is always done in the EXAM of your own university)
  3. Search for the EXAM you are looking for.
  4. To book a time in another university, click "Exam room reservation from external institution"
  5. Choose the organization from the drop-down menu and after that the exam room.
  6. Now you see the booking calendar, choose a time and confirm your booking. (You will receive an email confirming your booking, including also the name or the number of the EXAM computer you need to use in the exam room). You’re shown the EXAM rules and regulations, and by accepting them you accept the recorded video surveillance.
  7. You can always check your bookings in your own SeAMK EXAM.
    Remember to check the instructions of the university you are going to visit. They may differ from the instructions in your own university.
  8. When you go to take your exam, you first log in to the local computers as instructed in the university guidebook and then you log into EXAM with your own university's user id and password.


Students from other universities
Instructions for making an EXAM visit to SeAMK

  1. Study well the general EXAM instructions.
  2. Make a reservation for your exam in your own university's EXAM using your own university's user id and password. Search for the right exam.
  3. When you start booking the EXAM room you need to choose the "Exam room reservation from external institution" and choose the room SeAMK Kampustalo. Then choose the date and time. Notice! SeAMK EXAM visit is only available on SeAMK library opening hours. Always check the opening hours on the Seamk library webpage.
  4. When you have confirmed your reservation, you will receive an email that summarises up your reservation (etc. the number of the computer and the date and time). In SeAMK EXAM room all the exam start on the hour.
  5. SeAMK EXAM visit room is in Kampustalo. There is a video of how to arrive in the EXAM room and a map of the locations.
  6. Arrive early so that you have time to announce your arrival to the library personnel where the clerk will check your id and show you how the lockers work (you should leave all your belongings except you id) and let you into the EXAM room. Study the SeAMK EXAM guide before entering the room.
  7. When you have entered the SeAMK EXAM room in Kampustalo, find your computer number, use the local login shown on the computer screen or on the wall to log in to the computer. After that choose the organization from the drop-down menu and log into EXAM with your own username and password.
  8. The exam rooms are monitored with video recording and sound surveillance. When you book a time in the SeAMK exam room, you consent to the SeAMK exam guidelines and the joint use of the video surveillance and eExam system information to verify students’ identity.
  9. If you have some medical issues and you need to take medicine etc. with you in the EXAM room, please contact the support at exam@seamk.fi
  10. In the EXAM room access to other web sources is blocked and the exam PCs have only these programs available: Windows calculator, Notepad, Adobe Reader, Paint, 7Zip. If other software is needed in your exam, then you can't take it in SeAMK EXAM room.


Teacher's guide


SeAMK EXAM Accessibility statement (PDF)